Music Appreciation for Adults

with Richard Gonski
Music Appreciation

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Use this ZOOM code to access the first session: 24th January @ 7.30pm (London time), 2.30pm (New York) 11.30am (CA)

You may also like to watch the video of this session from June 2022 on Beethoven's 1st Symphony in C Major, op 21

Beethoven Symphony no 1 - 1st Movement

This music appreciation course is aimed at music lovers who want to gain a better understanding of how pieces of Classical music actually work. Many music lovers who enjoy listening to classical music often find it difficult to follow the musical logic of the pieces they are listening to - this course seeks to address this issue.

Each week we will look at a different piece of Classical music. We will talk about its structure, identifying themes and motives, historical context, orchestration and in particular identifying ways to listen in a way that allows you to follow the musical logic of the piece.

After a few sessions you will begin to listen to music in a different way, enabling a deeper appreciation and immersion in the musical experience.

The sessions are held online, through ZOOM either on a desktop, iPad or mobile, or over the telephone for those who don't have internet access. They are held at 19.30 (UK Time)

You definitely do not need to have any musical knowledge for this course. Having said that, a number of instrumentalists who have taken the course have been surprised at how much they learnt, even about pieces that they had actually performed on numerous occasions.