A History of Western Classical Music for Adults

Gregorian Chant

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HWM Session 1 Gregorian Chant

This course covers the development of Western Classical Music from the earliest records of Gregorian Chant to the contemporary music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Over 12 weekly session, the course will introduce you to the styles and developments that each musical era brought with it. Those that wish to join the 'Music Appreciation for Adults' course will find that the knowledge gained in this course will stand them in very good stead.

Week 1: Early Beginnings, Gregorian Chant and the Birth of Polyphony

Week 2: 12th and 13th Centuries

Week 3: 14th and 15th Centuries

Week 4: The Renaissance

Week 5: The Birth of Opera

Week 6: The Baroque

Week 7: Stile Galant and the Early Classical Period

Week 8: The Late Classical Period

Week 9: The Romantic Period

Week 10: Late Romantics

Week 11: The 20th Century

Week 12: Where to now?