The Instruments of the Orchestra

Instruments of the Orchestra

A course of six enhanced 90 minute videos on ‘The Instruments of the Orchestra’.

A recurring bit of feedback from previous courses and classes has been that many people feel unsure about identifying the source of a sound in an ensemble or differentiating between instruments that inhabit similar tonal spaces.

This six video course aims to address these issues - during each session we talk about a specific instrument family and then listen to works from the classical repertoire that features those instruments. By the end of the course you will be able to recognise the sound of an english horn or a contra-bassoon and appreciate the context in which those instruments are being used!

We also learn about phrasing and how musicians go about shaping the notes and the sounds they produce, orchestration and the development of orchestral instruments from the baroque period onwards.

Lots of good music with my guidance.

Watch the session on the strings below:


Instruments of the Orchestra - Session 2

Week 1: The Science of Sound and how instruments actually work

Week 2: The Strings and the String Quartet

Week 3: The Woodwinds

Week 4: The Brass

Week 5: Percussion - Tuned and Untuned and Keyboards - the Piano, Harpsichord, Celeste

Week 6: The Orchestra