The Concerto

The Concerto

Who can resist a good concerto with a virtuosic soloist offering us their skill and musicianship accompanied by a full symphony orchestra?

But - underneath this top layer there is much to discover - the roots of the concerto in the 16th and 17th centuries, the magic and wonder of the dialogue between soloist and accompaniment, understanding the structure and the form, the journey through the movements, the colours and the orchestration, to name but a few.

This six week course will explore all of these and more - starting with Beethoven's Violin Concerto in Session 1.

Lots of beautiful music each week with clear guidance and insight!

All classes are recorded on video and available for later viewing if you miss one!

Week 1: The Concerto Form

Week 2: The History of the concerto and the Baroque Concerto

Week 3: Woodwinds, Strings, Keyboards as solo instruments

Week 4: The Classical Era - Mozart

Week 5: The Romantic Era - Brahms and Schumann

Week 6: The 20th Century and Beyond - Bartok